Brad Felix, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Miami University, BS, Finance

Chartered Financial Analyst

How does Brad Use Commas?

  • Build a high-yield savings account for safety net fund
  • Save for the down payment on a new house
  • Buy furnishings for a new house!
  • Build (and use!) a vacation fund
  • Fund a piggy bank for children
  • Create a dry powder fund to provide opportunities for investment in new business ventures
  • Save for financial independence
  • Build a higher education fund
  • Fund a Health Savings Account (HSA) for current health care expenses

Brad’s Story

Simply put, without Brad, Commas would not exist. Back in 2015, Brad saw a better way to deliver wealth management services—so much so that he launched his own Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm. This RIA, RhineVest, was later acquired by Truepoint Wealth Counsel in 2016 and ultimately became Commas. While he has stepped away from the daily operations and oversight of Commas, he still remains part of the larger Truepoint and Commas family as the Director of Innovation at Truepoint.

Brad and his wife, Michelle, have two young daughters, Mattox and Olive, who have captured his heart (and all his free time). He also enjoys coffee, lifting, running, drinking, basketball, reading, beaching, boating, and fishing (in that order) in whatever time is left. An entrepreneur at heart, Brad devotes his remaining mental capacity to creating new business ideas.


Compliance, investment automation and efficiency, leveraging and integrating new technology, portfolio management, portfolio modeling, strategic planning

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