Not Just Another Lunch and Learn: Commas Corporate Educational Sessions

At Commas, we’re committed to improving people’s financial literacy and helping them make more informed decisions—whether they’re one of our clients or not. One way we accomplish this is through our corporate education sessions where we teach financial principles in an engaging, interactive, and accessible way. Regardless of the topic we cover, our goal is always the same: for participants to leave our sessions feeling more knowledgeable and more empowered. 

Session topics vary widely, but we always target them to the specific audience gathered. For example, the Cincinnati Bartender’s Guild contacted us early during the coronavirus shutdowns, requesting a workshop to help laid-off service workers navigate the unemployment system. For clients who are less sure about the precise topic, we’ll collaborate with them to identify the most pertinent and timely offering. We tailor our message to what your group wants to learn about. Recent sessions have included “Investing 101,” “Budgeting and Debt,” and “Hacking Your Way to Financial Independence.” Additionally, we’ve given presentations to help employees walk through their company benefits, making sure people understand the ins and outs of their 401(k) plan, as an example.. 

We realize these topics might seem a little—how should we put it?—dry. But we are not the suited up, serious financial advisors of old. 

We pride ourselves in taking a different approach. It’s not very effective to just rattle off a bunch of information and walk back out the door. We engage, we interact, we ask questions—genuinely.  

That’s because when it comes to personal finance, many people quickly feel overwhelmed and even intimidated. They can get caught in a kind of analysis paralysis and—out of fear of doing the wrong thing—opt to do nothing.  

So, our sessions are focused and fun. We provide clear and actionable information so that participants leave, armed with the tools they need to make better decisions for themselves and their families. 

We keep our sessions casual, interactive, and accessible. Participants need to view us as trusted equals, not dry and stuffy know-it-alls, if they’re going to share their true financial concerns with us. We regularly incorporate popular references, humor, and “real talk.” We talk about the personal side of personal finance—the stuff that connects concretely with people’s day-to-day lives.  

Traditionally, we’ve held most of our education sessions in person. Yet, as with so many other activities, coronavirus restrictions have recently required us to go virtual. We’ve taken this opportunity to leverage our technological know-how and to master the most exciting and innovative conferencing tools available so that participants feel engaged and connected throughout the session. 

If your organization could benefit from learning more about personal finance—from retirement planning to understanding insurance options to breaking down profit-sharing options to rebalancing your portfolio—give us a call. We’ll develop an agenda that speaks specifically to your group’s needs and interests. And we won’t bore you or overwhelm you. We’ll give you what you need to know, leave out what you don’t, and maybe even make you laugh. 

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