Looking for Answers?

Your Financial Plan and a Volatile Market

Whether you’re keenly aware of changes in the market or primarily informed by your newsfeed, you’re probably sensing an air of mounting anxiety and concern in the financial news.

Maybe you’ve even found yourself googling questions like these: Are we entering a recession? Will the price of gas keep climbing? What will happen with the stock market?

Spoiler: we don’t have the answers! And if you run into someone who does, ask to see their crystal ball.

We hear concerns like these from our clients every day. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to these broad—and often overwhelming—questions, we know there are time-tested best practices when it comes to navigating a volatile market.

Rather than worrying about the unknowable (and the uncontrollable), we encourage our clients to instead focus attention on what can be controlled—like identifying your financial goals and building a financial plan to support these dreams. As we like to say around here, #UseCommas for your financial goals!

During times like these, you might feel an urgency to do something—with no clear direction about what to do. Schedule an introductory call with a Commas advisor today to take the first step towards protecting your financial future.