#UseCommas for Employee Wellness

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A recent employee financial wellness survey from PwC provides fascinating insight into the needs of U.S.-based employees whose personal financial issues can impact physical, emotional, mental, and even social, wellbeing.

And we agree. Money can be stressful, and compounded over time, this stress can impact employee wellness, retention, and productivity.

Your employees have questions about money (we all do), but they may not have an objective person to turn to, who’s looking out for their best interest, and equipped with the knowledge and expertise to give them the answers they need. That’s why we’re here.


How Commas Can Help

Financial Planning

Your team will get advice on all aspects of their finances, including: budgeting, insurance and retirement planning, investing, and estate and tax planning.

Investment Management

Investments often steal the spotlight, but successful investing isn’t meant to be glamorous. We believe strongly that investors should focus on long-term results and portfolios should be invested according to evidence rather than speculation.

Could you reduce turnover if your team was more financially secure?

Support Your Employee's Financial Wellbeing

You can provide Commas’ financial planning and investment management services to your team with a cost-sharing arrangement designed by your company. Your employees will benefit from access to a fee-only financial planner at a subsidized rate, and you will benefit from happier, less-stressed, more engaged employees at work!

To structure our service as an employee benefit, our team of advisors works directly with the business decision maker (hello, human resources and benefits managers!) to ensure a mutually beneficial opportunity for the employer and employee. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here; the business can share the cost of our $65/month financial planning fee with the employee, choosing the right “share” that works for your budgets. It may be 100% coverage of the financial planning fee or maybe 50%. It’s entirely up to you! This approach encourages employee participation, reduces the cost, and puts your team in touch with fiduciary financial advisors who will do right by your employees.

Want to learn more?

It starts with a conversation! In our introductory call, we’ll discuss your goals and see how we can best structure this program to help your employees.