Conor Feldmann, CFA

Portfolio Manager

University of Dayton, BS, Accounting & Finance

Chartered Financial Analyst

How does Conor Use Commas?

  • Save for annual family vacations, diligently setting aside money for months helps us spend it guilt-free!
  • Save for our child’s future
  • Save for a down payment on our dream home
  • Save just for the sake of saving! Money can’t buy happiness, but it does provide ultimate flexibility

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Conor’s Story

While Conor spends most of his working time on the investment team at Truepoint Wealth Counsel, he also serves as a portfolio manager at Commas. He enjoys helping people cut through the “noise” generated by the financial media in order to identify the tried-and-true principles that will set them up for long-term success. In his view, the market is one of the most dynamic and compelling topics in the world—the trillions of dollars, millions of investors, each with varying strategies, objectives, and opinions, and the countless data points trying to understand it all. He is grateful that his profession affords him the opportunity to keep learning every day.

As much as Conor enjoys the sophisticated world of finance, he also appreciates the chance to unwind on the Kentucky farm that his family has owned for generations. He looks forward to sharing the traditions there with his young son, and he enjoys spending down time with his wife, especially to cheer on their beloved Dayton Flyers.


Data-driven research and analysis, investment strategy, portfolio management, writing about complex investing topics in a jargon-free understandable way

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