You’ve Got the Job, Now What?

From a young age, it’s all about studying hard, getting good grades, and landing a great job. But once you’re in the workforce, there’s not one right answer for how to handle your money. Schedule a meeting with Commas to let us guide through achieving your goals.

“My entire life started with, in school, focus on doing the things you need to do: studying and and getting good grades so that eventually you could get into a good college and get scholarships. And then in college, it’s continue to do the same things in order to get a good job so that you can pursue what you’re interested in but also make some money. Then it it kind of stops and and you’re thrown out into the world and you have a job and and you’re accumulating money but so many people don’t have a next step.

It’s crazy because you’ve spent all of that time leading up to getting this job and and getting a paycheck and then it’s kind of an open world on on what you do with it. Everybody’s experience with money is different and some people are natural savers and some people like to spend more and you can make mistakes to the extremes in either direction but financial security is about helping people find that balance of enjoying what they have next but saving prudently so that you can live the same type of lifestyle later.

It it doesn’t come natural, and there’s all this attention on the front end of studying, getting good grades, and getting a good job but there’s so much less attention on on the back end of that and that’s that’s where we step in.”