Comparing Job Offers

Job offers are more than just numbers on a paycheck 💼💰 It’s important to evaluate all the perks and benefits, from equity compensation to work-life balance. Find what matters most to you and let it guide your decision-making process.

“One of the things we help clients a lot with is evaluating new job offers. It’s a lot to take in and it’s more than just the salary being offered. To me, it’s is there potential for bonus? Is there potential for future raises? Are you being offered equity compensation through the company’s stock? What is the life insurance, health insurance, disability? What is the retirement plan and what kind of match am I getting? And then also just other benefits or other small perks like gym memberships or tuition reimbursement and things like that can really add up.

And even more than just looking at the financials of it, it can be what benefits are offered to me? How much PTO am I going to get? What’s the work life balance for me? Am I going to be happy in this new role? Do I have the opportunity to work virtual and be in office and have flexibility there? So I think you can’t really put a financial number to those, but maybe just looking and evaluating what’s important to me, which company is offering that and if I was to put a value on that what would that number be? And then once you’re able to look at all the benefits offered you can kind of categorize what’s important, what’s the total of all that and help you make a decision that way”